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AJV Associates is a multidisciplinary consulting firm
that strives to inspire people and teams to optimize performance and achieve success.

Our work will reflect values of respect, integrity, service and optimism.
Respect means we will embrace the quality of humility by building people up and
treating others better than we expect to be treated. Integrity means we will earn trust through honest and transparent engagements. Finally, we will convey a
  service ethos and a spirit of optimism during all interactions with our valued clients.  




Jack Vogt serves as President of AJV Associates. Jack completed a distinguished career in the United States Coast Guard as a two star admiral where he led multinational and interagency organizations across all aspects of maritime and homeland security, aviation, crisis management, and government relations.


  • Aviation

  • Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS)

  • Homeland Security

  • Maritime Security

  • Government Relations

  • Strategic Communications

  • Crisis Management

  • Emergency Management

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