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Leadership Experience & Expertise

Aviation & Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS)

  • As a senior advisor to Airbus U.S. Space and Defense and Airbus Helicopters U.S., provides strategic guidance to support the development of aviation and maritime security solutions to meet the national defense challenges of the U.S. Government and its Allies and partners.

  • Served as senior Strategic Advisor for a multi-million dollar Airbus U.S. acquisition of Aerovel and its industry leading Flexrotor UAS technology. Provided critical information on the industry marketplace and operational requirements for government and commercial clients.  

  • While managing a $437M aviation budget, negotiated contract savings of $720K per airframe as acquisition program manager and supervised the restructuring of a 2700 aviation maintenance workforce with annual savings of $1.3M.

  • Consultation related to aviation operations, airport management, airspace regulations and ground support maintenance requirements led to the successful $1.2M procurement of a regional air facility for future transformation to a full-service executive airport.

  • Directed the development of operational tactics to provide a counter UAS capability for the U.S. Coast Guard that was successfully employed a the NYC Marathon, a national political convention, and in support of the country's largest ferry system.

  • Planned and executed the first ever international, multiagency operation to detect and disrupt transnational crime on the Canadian maritime border utilizing airborne sensor feeds.

  • Collaborated with NASA, NOAA and DoD to upgrade the nation's search and rescue distress signal network through cost-sharing development of improved antenna and cubesats to upgrade an aging satellite constellation system.

  • While leading international aviation operations throughout the Pacific, earned the Coast Guard aviation excellence award and the National Defense Transportation award for logistics.

  • Decorated military instructor pilot qualified in rotary and fixed wing aircraft and FAA ATP certified.

Homeland & Maritime Security

  • As the Coast Guard's senior executive in the Pacific Northwest, supervised operations, assets, and finances for 41 business units and 3700 employees who saved 689 lives, assisted 5642 mariners in distress, preserved $23M in property and assured the continuity of an $89B marine transportation system and fishery. 

  • Through collaboration with maritime port partners, initiated cyber security evaluations of marine transportation operating systems and deployed cyber protection teams to two ports to recover compromised systems and deter future cyber attacks.

  • Graduate of the Harvard Homeland Security Executive Seminar, the Harvard National Preparedness Leadership Institute and earned a Masters of Science at the Eisenhower School for National Security in Washington, DC. 

Government Relations & Strategic Communications

  • Led regional external engagement and requirements development with state and port officials, labor unions, tribal leaders, and elected representatives for a $1.1B waterfront and facilities construction project to homeport three polar icebreakers worth $2.6B.  

  • As director of the Coast Guard Presidential Transition Team and senior accountable official for the agency, developed an externals communications strategy that focused engagements, 20 publications, website development, and social media on the organization's value to the Nation.

  • Coordinated migration of the agency's public facing website to a new content management system resulting in annual savings of $400K, improvements to functionality, governance and security, and a 17-50% increase in social media followership. 

Crisis & Emergency Management

  • During a historical hurricane season, supervised the establishment of a national rescue coordination call center when Gulf Coast communications failed, utilized an innovative geospatial mission management system for operations and employed social media to support the rescue of 11,022 persons in distress.  

  • Director of a multiagency unified command that planned and executed the third largest mass rescue and salvage operation in Alaskan history with 18 lives saved.

  • Coordinated the Coast Guard's Pacific Northwest response to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic by activating an incident command structure, updating operational procedures, and activating Reserve forces to achieve the highest mission readiness rate in the organization. 

  • Restructured the Coast Guard's regional operations command and control organization, enhancing resiliency, communications, community relations, and saving $474K per year. 

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